africa's strange attractions

Throughout the world, millions of people flock from different locations to witness spectacles. Each spectacle has its own charm. Whether it is the Great Migration, Victoria Falls or the Grand Canyon; humans are drawn to that which is out of the norm. Many of these places have myths claiming to explain their origin. Africa is no stranger to these locations. And in this blog post, we shall highlight some of our top picks of Africa’s strange attractions.

Some of Africa’s Strange Attractions

1. The Petrifying Lake Natron, Tanzania

Lake Natron is commonly known as the “Petrifying Lake“. Located in Tanzania, it is one of the most alkaline lakes in the world. It is your typical salty lake except for the striking red waters (thanks to its high alkaline content). And it’s one of the most mineral-rich soda lakes in the region. Each year, thousands of flamingoes flock its shores to breed. Also, a short distance away, there are a series of waterfalls and the majestic Ol Doinyo Lengai mountain.

Secondly, the lake is famous for the mummification of the animals that die in it. They turn into statues and this is due to the extremely high volumes of sodium bicarbonate. These dead animal bodies are calcified and turned into's strange attractions 1

2. The Marshes of Deadvlei, Namibia

Deadvlei means “dead marshes” from the English word “dead” and an Afrikaans word “vlei” meaning marshes. The hauntingly wonderful Deadvlei was once a beautiful marshland. All dried up now. Home to some of the world’s highest sand dunes. Slowly rusted over the years and now bearing a fiery complexion.

Once upon a time, the Tsauchab river flooded its banks’ thanks to heavy rains. However, after some time, the climate changed and sand dunes encroached. Cutting off the river thus denying the marsh its life source. So the intense desert sun scorched the vegetation and animals into nothing but blackened's strange attractions 2

3. The Pink Lake Retba, Senegal

Africa not only has a red lake, but also a pink lake. The pink hue of this spectacular lake is derived from the Dunaliella salina algae in the water. And is located kilometers northeast of the capital, Dakar. The planktons and minerals here give this lake an unusual hue that has turned it into a major tourist attraction in the region. One of the saltiest lakes in the world with alkaline contents even reaching 40 percent in some regions of the lake. Fancy having a swim?africa's strange attractions 3

4. The Acidic Pools of the Danakil Depression, Ethiopia

The Danakil Depression in Ethiopia. One of the hottest, driest and lowest places on Earth. Located near the border with Eritrea in the Afar region. Described as an accurate depiction of what “hell on Earth” would look like. Forget about the scorching heat and the fact that it receives almost no rain all year round, the Danakil Depression has something even more bizarre in store: acidic pools.

5. The gorgeous underwater waterfalls of Mauritius

The creme de la creme of our list. Some 2,000 kilometers away from mainland Africa lies Mauritius. While it is known for its sandy beaches, there is an unknown attraction lying beneath the surface, underwater waterfalls.

How is this possible? Due to tectonic plate movements, an optical illusion is created by the sand and silt below the surface. Because the island is still new and its formation is still underway, the continuous formation causes the underwater slopes to appear as's strange attractions 5



In conclusion, these are some of our top picks for Africa’s strange attractions. Do you have any that might deserve to be on this list that we did not mention? Kindly let us know in the comments below and we’ll see you in the next one.

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