Hidden Gems In Kenya

Kenya remains a top tourist destination in Africa and arguably the world. In the last 4 years, it has the World’s Leading Safari Destination according to the World Travel Awards. As a country, it offers a lot when it comes to adventure, animals, and history. For each region within Kenya, there is always a back story that is intriguing. And in this blog post, we shall look at some hidden gems in Kenya. Places that are often under the radar.

1. Gedi Ruins

First and foremost are the Gedi Ruins, set in an idyllic location on the Indian Ocean. One of the most culturally rich places on our list, Gedi offers both haunting beauty and eerie aura.  The puzzle surrounding this abandoned town adds to its haunting beauty that captivates and scares locals and travellers alike to this day. The ruins of Gedi today bear witness to the lives and cultures of the Africans of the 13th century. It provides an insight into ancient African civilizations’ economy, architecture, life patterns, social structure and other aspects. The Gedi Ruins are not just important for the cultural history but also a natural treasure house within their boundaries at least 50 indigenous plant species.

2. Coral Gardens, Wasini Island

In Wasini Island, about 100 km south of Mombasa, you will find Wasini Coral Gardens. The garden, with a beautiful landscape and stunning views, is surrounded by mangrove forests. It offers various activities that give you a unique experience like boat touring, watching dolphins, snorkelling and diving. Mangrove forest makes every photo heavenly.

3. Lord Egerton Castle

Would you like to hear a heartbroken love story from the 1950’s? Lord Egerton built a castle 14 kilometres from the city of Nakuru, for his to-be-wed fiancée. According to the sayings; the Lady came from Great Britain to see this expansive castle and then left after 2 hours. Since this incident, Lord Egerton developed a loathing for all women which caused to not allow woman inside till the 2000s. The castle’s splendid architecture rises imposingly from the landscape with swelling hills and rolling shrubland in the background. You can have a paid tour to see how the rich people of the time used to live!

4. Nguuni Nature Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is situated on the Nguu Tatu hills 4 km from Lafarge Bamburi Cement, where many species live. Nguuni is home to giraffes, oryxes, waterbucks, bushes and many kinds of birds. In the grassland are dispersed large palm crowned by leopard orchids. On the sunset, giraffes make their way to a picnic area. After a refreshing walk, you can experience feeding the giraffes without gates or barriers – a great experience only in Nguuni. It offers a beautiful setting to enjoy the sunset, also offers holidays and weddings, camps and barbecues.

5. Arabuko-Sokoke National Park

Do you want to get a few new friends? This is the perfect place to meet different species! On the coast of Kenya, 110 kilometres north of Mombasa, the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest is a national forest reserve. The National Park Arabuko Sokoke is only a small part of the Forest Reserve of Arabuko Sokoke. 270 bird species, 261 butterfly species, 79 amphibian species, 52 mammalian species and 600 plant species exist on this place.


Aren’t you one of those, who always would love to discover something new at every step you take? If yes, you should visit all these 11 places. Feeding giraffes, seeing a Sitatunga antelope, hearing African history and seeing some mysterious places is just a few of these experiences.

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