Ardent golfers say that there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. Thankfully, Kenya is mostly about excellent weather and even better Golf Courses. Seems as though the match between these two was made in Safari heaven.

Where to go on a Kenyan golfing safari as a local and a tourist

Here is a list of where to go on a Kenyan Golfing Safari.

1. Royal Golf Club, Nairobi

This list would be remised if it didn’t start with the oldest golf course in the country. The Royal Golf Club on Ngong Road has seen more years than Kenya has enjoyed independence. Founded in 1906 as a 9-Hole golf course and clubhouse with panoramic views of the evergreen Ngong Hills. The Royal Golf Club was expanded to 429 acres and 18-Holes of pure lush in 1927.

Apart from the Royal Golf Club, you can take the time to experience the other challenging courses the city has on offer. Think about:

  • The Windsor Golf and Country Club: 200 acres of breathtakingly landscaped sand bunkers and 5 579 yards for the ladies par and a 6 407 yard par for the gentlemen.
  • Karen Gold and Country Club: Lauded as the only natural green golf course in the country.
  • Kenya Railways Golf Club: 9-Holes, 18 tees, and 10 greens.
  • Muthaiga Golf Club: This is pedigree redefined. As one of the oldest golf courses in the country, you simply must try out this 18-Hole course at the edge of Karura forest.

2. Great Rift Valley Golf Club

Regarded in some circles as the ‘Leading Golf Resort’ in the country. The Great Rift Valley Golf Club is undoubtedly stunning. The fact that it is located in Naivasha, one of Kenya’s top Safari and party destinations for locals, makes it that much more attractive to golfers.

The club comes with 18-Holes of technically challenging layout, breathtaking views of the Rift Valley and it is a really mighty stone throw away from Lake Naivasha where you can cool off after your first round. The lodge itself offers accommodation fit for Kings and the drive down will give you a small taste of why Kenya is a travel photographer’s paradise.

3. Nyali Golf & Country Club

If you are not entirely opposed to some spectators of the wildlife variety while putting then you might want to head down to Nyali Golf & Country Club. As the only 18-hole course on the North Coast of Kenya, golfers at the Nyali Golf & Country Club are occasionally joined by unique visitors from the wild. The ‘vervet monkey’, which is prominently featured on the clubs logo, tends to stroll in to see just how well players can handle the rough. With 160 acres of wind-chocked fairways and greens, playing in this course is a little bit more challenging than enjoying the beautiful coastal weather and nightlife that comes with it.

4. Mount Kenya Safari Club (Fairmont)

If you are going to go on a Golfing Safari of Kenya, you want to head out towards Mt. Kenya. It is the second-highest mountain in Africa; it is the icon after which the country is named and it is surrounded by Nanyuki. Here is why that last part is important: Nanyuki is part of wildlife conservancy; part tourist attraction and an all-around beautiful place to be (you’ll understand when you get there).

Teeing off at the Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club’s golf course is the perfect excuse to visit this breathtaking region. As the only course divided into two by the Equator in all of Africa. This 9-Hole piece of green, sandbanks and ponds is not only well-manicured. But it is also unique in that it gives you sweeping views of Mt. Kenya. Did we mention that it is the only golf course bisected by the Equator in Africa?!

5. Nyanza Club

Finally, why not drive across the country and head out to the West for a round of golf? This 9-Hole golf course will have you playing this beautiful game in the scorching heat.

Here is the deal, this county has so much more to offer than just game drives and white sandy beaches. Once you know where to go for a golfing safari in Kenya; you will quickly learn that there are so many other golf courses that you should try out; every single one of the more beautiful and challenging than the last. Whether you are looking to Tee Off in the sun or you would prefer a little bit of a chill along your fairways, Kenya has you covered. Try out any one of the courses mentioned here. We guarantee that you will like it.

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