Last-Minute Christmas

Yes! December is here and now we can really let loose.

But wait, through those past 11 months, there has been a thought gnawing at the back of your mind. Something you really wanted to do but never really got around to doing it. What could it be?

As luck would have it, you forgot to plan your Christmas Holiday. You didn’t make any ‘early bird’ bookings; you didn’t reserve any flights, heck, you don’t even know what to do with your holiday this Christmas (that’s how busy of a year it’s been).

Spice, Ruins and White Sandy Beaches in Zanzibar

For most of us, there is no Christmas without white sandy beaches, cool ocean breeze, whiskey and a coastal nightlife that will have you sweating through the holidays.

While most people would be headed down to Mombasa and Diani, why not take your family a little further out to the island of Zanzibar? Only an hour and fifteen minutes flight time from Nairobi to the island, Zanzibar is by far one of the most exotically appealing last-minute Christmas destinations.

This gorgeous spice island is famous for being a commercial hub that still has that old, Arabic – Sultan look and feel. From ancient Islamic ruins to breathtaking Arabic houses and miles upon miles of palm-tree riddled white sandy beaches, there is nothing quite like exploring an island during your holidays.

There is a tonne of things to do in Zanzibar:

  • Go snorkeling and diving off the beautiful reefs
  • Experience deep sea fishing in the Indian Ocean
  • Visit the spice plantations
  • Walkthrough the central market and haggle for unique carvings by local artisans

Head North to Turkana County

Up until recently, Turkana has been a well-kept secret; far from the marauding traffic of holidaymakers who either head down to the Coast or a little inland to Naivasha. Although it has kind of blown up in recent times: thanks to the discovery of ‘Turkana Boy’ (a skeleton of a 7 – 18 yr. old boy believed to be 1.5 million years old) and the fact that Turkana also has sandy beaches, this arid slice of paradise is now a ‘HOT’ attraction for vacationers. Pardon the pun.

About a 2 hour flight from Nairobi, Turkana has some of the best, almost uninhabited beaches in the country. There are several tented camps along the shores of the lake such as ‘Lobolo Tented Camp’ that will simply blow your mind.

Apart from sunbathing and fishing on Lake Turkana, you could head out further into the lake to visit the three most beautiful islands you will ever see within any landlocked region (Central, South and North Island) Shaped almost like a love-heart, these islands are not only sublime, but they are also serene and quite picturesque.

Fish in style and luxury at Rusinga Island Lodge, Rusinga

If your idea of a Christmas holiday is serene and secluded luxury then maybe you should head out to Rusinga Island in Rusinga, Kisumu. There is a lodge there that will absolutely mess with your sense of luxury. Rusinga Island Lodge is like nothing you have seen before on your travels. For the most part, it has everything you would expect from a luxurious lodge: great service, awe-inspiring decor, and plush romantic rooms. But the key attraction here isn’t the lodge itself, it’s the island and what comes with it.

  • Are you someone who likes to spend some quiet time fishing out on a lake or a jetty?
  • Do you think that trolling for massive Nile Perch along the shores of Lake Victoria would bring some sanity back into your life?
  • Maybe you just want to sit back, relax and let the well-trained staff wait on you throughout the holiday as the kids zip around in Jet skis in the lake?

There is just too much to do and see here. Before you know it, your holiday will be over and you will be back at it again. But at least you will have made precious memories of thrilling experiences throughout the country.

Most of these places you can drive up to, except maybe Turkana and Rusinga Island. There are, however, last-minute flights available if you know where to look. Just because you haven’t yet planned for your Christmas holidays doesn’t mean that this one can’t be the best one yet!

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