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Sometimes you just need a cool place to spend the night and have a decent breakfast. Especially if you are on a budget. That is what Bed and Breakfasts are for, and it helps if they are as cozy and dainty as they can get. Some establishments are in the form of cottages or serviced apartments so that you have more to choose from, but the underlying fact is that accommodation is mainly offered on Bed and breakfast basis. We present to you 4 of the best B&Bs in Kenya that you can take advantage of in your travels around Kenya.

1. Mvuli House

Mvuli House is located in Lang’ata area opposite Nyayo stadium and it offers cozy accommodation with decent amenities. The location and the close proximity to the airports make Mvuli ideal for guests who want to avoid the CBD. Mvuli House is affiliated with Mvuli Suites. Which offers bigger rooms and more amenities at a higher price point for guests who want to stay longer.

2. Purdy Arms

Purdy Arms is found on 61 Marula Lane in Karen, Nairobi. There’s a restaurant and pub on location in case you want to grab a drink, and the rooms, though few, are specialized to suit different guests. They are cozy and homely and the price includes full English breakfast. Be careful about the room you pick especially on nights when the pub is busy and you have an early morning. Still, the tranquillity of the Karen area will make your stay worthwhile.

3. Osteria Bed and Breakfast

Osteria Bed and Breakfast is located in the Malindi area of Kenya’s Coast. The Beachfront location ensures that you experience the best of Malindi beach, and you are sure to get value for your money. There is great service and the food there is delicious as well so you can stay on if you have the option to.

4. Heri Heights Serviced Apartments

Heri Heights Apartments are located off Arboretum road in Nairobi. And they are perfect for business travelers and vacationers alike. The apartments are fully equipped and furnished so you can self-cater. But what’s the fun with that when the breakfast options at the Palm Café are so delicious! The rooms are more spacious and homely, compared to what you would find in a hotel. And there are a gym and pool on site for your morning workout or swim. Heri Heights is the kind of place you can stay for months on bed and breakfast terms especially if you have work assignments in town.

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