African Cuisine

Africa cuisine is a voyage of discovery as the foods are an actual reflection of African history and culture. In order to get to know an African country, the best thing to do is to taste your way through the country.

As you travel across the African countries, you will discover that there are regional likenesses in most neighboring countries but each country has an exceptional culinary signature. Here are our 5 must-try foods across Africa:

1. Jollof Rice

Jollof Rice - African Cuisine

Jollof Rice is the traditional West African food and favorite food for Nigerians. The food is an unparalleled delicious food that will tempt your taste bud. It is a gorgeous union of rice and spices, always complemented by fried chicken or beef. Don’t leave West Africa without sampling Jollof Rice, it is a perfect meal for lunch. Nigerians love their jollof rice anytime any day!

2. Ndole

Ndole - African Cuisine

Ndole is our favorite Cameroonian meal, it is made with peanuts, bitter leaves, beef or seafood – fish or prawn. If you attend any party in Cameroon, you will definitely find Ndole present on their menu. Ndole is a thick soup and can be eaten with rice or plantain and sometimes with bobo lo, the local Cameroon staple meal. If you find the time, a visit to Cameroon just to have a taste of Ndole is worth it.

3. Matoke

Matoke - African Cuisine

Matoke is a popular food in Uganda. It is a kind of banana you can’t find anywhere else. Matoke banana is soft and has a neutral taste. The dish is prepared in banana leaves; it is peeled, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. The leaves give it a rich yellow color and makes it taste yummy. It is eaten with meat, fish and vegetable sauces. If you are anywhere in Uganda, you must try Matoke!

4. Braaivleis


Braaivleis is a popular food in Namibia. It’s a dish where you have different kinds of protein-packed meats, spiked on wooden sticks and then grilled in an open fire. Braaivleis is Barbecue to the Americans, Suya to Nigerians, Nyama Choma to Kenyans. Known to be very flavourful and will fire up your taste bud. The Namibians love their Braaivleis and we have a special place in our heart for Braaivleis!

5. Ugali


Ugali (Kenya), Nshima (Zambia), Nsima (Malawi), Sadza (Zimbabwe) and Fufu in some West African countries. The food is a corn flour food. Cooking is done with water to form a dough or porridge. It is a popular staple food in Eastern and Southern Africa. Serving is normally done with stews or sauces. In Kenya, Ugali is served with cabbage or collard green, sometimes with beef and sauce. In Zambia, Nshima is served with ndiwo while Fufu is served with Vegetable soup in Nigeria. So whenever you travel to any of these countries, make sure you have a taste of Ugali or Nshima and you’ll certainly enjoy it. The food is delicious and we always look forward to eating it whenever we visit Zambia or Malawi.


African cuisine is unique and diverse. If you have a dish that you think should be in this list, comment and let us know.

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