Best Safari Lodges Tanzania

1. The Highlands Firstly, the spectacular Asilia Highlands has a cutting-edge design. With dome suites that strike a perfect balance between a true wilderness experience and a high-style, contemporary escape. Domes have wood-burning stoves and mountain views. Adventures include game drives in the Ngorongoro Crater, community and cultural visits. Finally, hiking along Maasai cattle trails […]

Travelling can be a bit tricky when you aren’t familiar with the region. Here are a number of wonderful safari lodges within Kenya that you would definitely enjoy. Best Safari Lodges In Kenya Enasoit Lodge – This luxurious private safari camp in Kenya’s Laikipia plateau can only be hired on an exclusive basis, so gather […]

KNOW THE BEST TIME OF YEAR TO GO ON A SAFARI This really depends on what you want to see. Traditionally, the peak of the dry season is considered the very best time to take a safari (although naturally, when exactly this falls varies from country to country). The simple reason? Visibility. In most parks, […]