Travelling is also an education. It’s the most fun lesson to develop ourselves, our gaze, our general knowledge, and our empathy ability. Besides these, it is an education that is essential for some professions. Today we will talk about a topic that will draw the attention of one of these professions; city architecture. The buildings, which are shaped by the history of the cities, do not only make the architects dream about those good old days but us. We want to live in those times, step into that buildings, set up our families, eat, drink, laugh, love, behind those walls.

There are some cities with architectural structures that have attracted not only the architects but millions of travellers for decades.


Istanbul, a city that is the home of eastern and western architectural movements, surrounded by famous artworks in every corner and home to thousands of historical buildings in 2 continents. We need weeks, not days to see the works of numerous architects art pieces, especially created by Mimar Sinan. Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern, Galata Tower, streets of Balat that is full of historical buildings are some of the places to be seen in order to understand the historical texture of Istanbul.

The Byzantine domes, the Ottoman mosaics, the minarets and the Islamic calligraphy will make you fall in love with this city again and again.

Remember that having a Müzekart will be quite useful for you to visit the museums in İstanbul. You can have Müzekart through this link.


There is a disease called Florence Syndrome in the literature. It is a psychosomatic disorder that causes rapid heartbeat, dizziness, fainting, confusion and even hallucinations when an individual is exposed to an experience of great personal significance, particularly viewing art. We are smiling but it’s not a joke:)

If you are in Florence, it seems impossible to escape the Renaissance architecture. The streets where art and history meet have been hypnotized visitors since the 14th century. Welcome to the homeland of symmetry, geometry and proportions.

Florence Cathedral, San Lorenzo Basilica, Vecchio Bridge and Vecchio Palas are just a few of the masterpieces you need to see in Florence. This city is built to walk and dream around the streets.


Prague is a huge open-air museum. It is home to 4000 historic buildings in the 900-hectare area. Romanik, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Contemporary; whichever you are interested in, you can find it in Prague. Not only are there historical buildings but also the modern architecture trends cover the city in a magical way.

Prague is a very old city. Unlike most of the European cities that built in the 17-18th century, this city show it’s characteristic architecture in the 13th century. We think the memory of these centuries makes this land such a unique art piece.

Powder Tower; served as a 65-meter tall gunpowder store, St Nicholas Church; the artwork that 3 generations of the same family could able to finish, Kinsky Palace; Franz Kafka’s school, Villa Müller; one of the cubic artwork of modern architecture, and Dancing House; the masterpiece of contemporary architecture are some of the buildings worth seeing in the city.


The most well-known architectural movement in the world, the Roman Architecture, greatly influenced many period and movements in the name of art and engineering.

It’s so hard to decide where to start to explore the city which has thousands of great artworks. The buildings didn’t just aim to make the city look beautiful but to reflect an idea. Using architecture as an expression of many political, spiritual and philosophical ideas, isn’t that mean art already?

The world’s largest amphitheater Colosseum, the Ara Pacis Museum, which combines new and old in an innovative way, Il Vittoriano, also known as ‘wedding cake’, Peter’s Church, also known as the best-preserved historical monument, is just a few of the hundreds of works you should see.


A mystical atmosphere, traditional motifs, curved structures; Now we are going to a place that is very different from European architecture. Our new stop is Marrakech. This city is literally hiding the most beautiful examples of Arabic architecture in. Before you go, you need to draw your route right, because these art pieces are spread all over the city.

Majorelle Garden that has the ashes of Yves Saint-Laurent, Koutoubia; the city’s largest mosque, Ben Youssef; North Africa’s largest medina, Dar Si-Saïd Museum, which makes you feel like a prince of the Arabs, Tiskiwin Museum; every room pointing to a different stop along the ancient Sahara trade route Marrakech to Timbuktu are some of the things you should see in this beautiful Arabian city.

It’s business as usual for many Kenyan travelers, and we’re here to assist on the next outing across borders. Be it for meetings, or pleasure, we delve into the most traveled routes out of the country, by Kenyan citizens, according to Travelstart data over the last two years. Let us enhance your travel experience with these simple suggestions.

1- Mumbai, India

Visa Requirements: E-visa (obtained via the internet) for 60 days.

Recommended months: avoid June to August at all costs (monsoon season).

What better way to get our tour of these five popular business destinations kicked off than the gateway to India; Mumbai. This city plays host to approximately 20 million people, the famous Bollywood, one of the largest slums in Asia, and the most expensive house in the world. A cultural hub of people and food, which may or may not agree with you, a beehive of activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Public transport is a bit on the expensive side, due to the insane amount of traffic, but don’t be afraid to hop on the local trains. Sure, they’re packed to the rafters, but they’re cheap and run on time. A match made in heaven!

But… what is there to do? A fair question; allow us to sort this for you.

Elephanta Island

Catch a boat ride (life jackets recommended) to the Hindu and Buddhist caves of Elephanta Island. Recently discovered caves have shot this island into the spotlight, and boy do they deliver. The perfect day trip before a night flight, or during downtime between meetings, will serve as the perfect landscape for some Instagram photos.

Chapel Road

A tough task to choose number two in our list of two places to visit in Mumbai, but we’ve gone with something more ‘out there’ on the scale of 1 to out there. Take a tour of the Chapel Road Murals. An odd one, but street art is fast becoming one of the most important aspects of every city. Delving into what makes the real city of Mumbai tick is crucial when having a short stay in what is easily one of the most interesting cities on this planet we call home.

Food of the day: Get involved in trying some of the Vada Pav. Carbs, with carbs inside, topped with carbs. It’s a pleasure!

2- Entebbe, Uganda

Visa Requirements: Visa not required

Recommended Months: June to August

A mere stone’s throw away from Kenya, we hop on over to Uganda to investigate what this popular stop for holiday seekers has to offer. A hop skip and a jump from the Kenyan capital of Kampala, our prime locations on offer are nature-based, and rightly so. As of 2014, this town housed approximately 70,000 people (slightly less than the population of Mumbai) but is also called home by president Museveni. Let’s take a look at what the favorite sites are to see in the number two city on our list, shall we?

Entebbe botanical gardens

There is something quite special about these ‘ancient’ gardens. Laid out in 1898, this park is more about walking the expanse, than being a botanical garden (as we have become accustomed to). If clearing your mind is what you’re after, look no further. Set out in three sections, the most recognizable, and spoken about areas are the rainforest sections, where locals will tell you the 1940’s version of Tarzan, the movie, were shot. An hour escape, or a six-hour retreat, these gardens will manage your emotions in the best way possible…with nature.

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Our top pick for this segment is the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary. A popular day tour and even more popular over-night experience. 50 orphaned chimpanzees are being rehabilitated on an island in Lake Victoria, with the intention of being reintroduced into the wild (where possible). Witnessing these amazing creatures at work and play is something very hard to forget, and is the perfect escape from the craziness that is the business district of Entebbe.

3- Dubai, UAE

Visa Requirements: Visa Required.

Recommended Months: Anytime really, but stay inside (it’s hot always. No exceptions)!

You’ve heard the name. We’ve heard the name. The desert town that built itself up from nothing, to become an absolute powerhouse of business and tourism alike, has taken strides to set itself apart from the rest of the world. Be it exotic, be it fantastic, be it unbelievable; Dubai has it, and it probably has a lot of it.

There are a lot of superlatives on offer for Dubai, but what exactly should we expect?

Dubai Mall

No, this is not a joke; the Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world and has a little something for everyone. Nothing short of an entire day’s adventure, it is the perfect opportunity to get whatever you need, for the rest of your life, ever. Not enough for you? Sure, why not stop off at the indoor ice rink or theme park? Or, why not check out the indoor underwater zoo? The only issue visitors have when visiting this ‘mall’ is remembering where they parked.

Burj Khalifa

It took you two weeks, but you’ve managed to see the entire mall and the attractions it has on offer; where to next? Pop in next door at the world’s tallest building. Not for the faint-hearted, the observation deck on the 124th floor will literally take your breath away. Unlikely, but this might not be enough for you. Press that ‘up’ button on the elevator as carefully as you can, and await your chariot to the 148th floor and the dining experience offered by the staff of ‘At the Top Sky Lounge’.

If you dare.

4- Dar es Salam, Tanzania

Visa Requirements: Visa not required; 90 days.

Considered the fastest growing city in the world, Dar es Salaam is the former capital of Tanzania, but still the most populous region of the country with an incredible 4 million people. Easy to pass over, but worth mentioning; Dar es Salaam was the capital city officially until 1996, but remains the financial capital in all aspects of the word. Without getting bogged down in semantics, let’s quickly move on to two of many attractions worth visiting.

Markets, Markets, Markets

Dar es Salaam is full of vibrant fish, wood, goods markets that require you to be alert, and ready to bargain. Making sure you get the correct price might be fun, but the quality of the product, especially the food, is something worth writing home about. The tastes of the fish markets will keep you coming back for more and more… and more.

Museums, Museums, Museums

Kenyan Born, Louis Leakey, and his wife, Mary Leakey, made some inspiring discoveries in Tanzania which are all on display in museums across Dar es Salaam. Visit what many consider to be one of the most important discoveries in the evolution of the human race, or take a stroll through replicas of ancient Africa. More than just a business destination, this fascinating city will keep you busy, all the while learning about Africa, and the secrets it holds.

Island hop for the day

Lesser known, but equally as important, is the island life on offer off the coast of Dar es Salaam. Mbudya and Bongoyo Island are growing in popularity, and are worth visiting before the world catches on. Mark our words; these islands will become global havens in the very near future.

5- Johannesburg, South Africa

Visa Requirements: Visa required.

The moment you step out of O.R Tambo International Airport into the streets of Johannesburg it becomes very clear, very quickly; this is the financial capital of South Africa. High rise buildings accompanied by intense hustle at a street-level set the tone for your stay, and get you into business mode immediately. The business model is good for short stays, but if you’re in Johannesburg for a while, why not give these two escapes at a go?

Constitutional Hill and the Apartheid Museum

A trip down a very torrid memory lane for South Africa, but one that ought not to be forgotten. Constitutional Hill, the site of 4 former prisons and now occupied by the constitutional court of South Africa, it is a stark contrast and reminder of what once was, and now has become.

The apartheid museum will always be a reminder of where South Africa has come from, and enable disbelieving visitors to the country to have a peek into the past of so many of the population.

1. The Highlands

Firstly, the spectacular Asilia Highlands has a cutting-edge design. With dome suites that strike a perfect balance between a true wilderness experience and a high-style, contemporary escape. Domes have wood-burning stoves and mountain views. Adventures include game drives in the Ngorongoro Crater, community and cultural visits. Finally, hiking along Maasai cattle trails or talks with a renowned lion researcher.

2. Gibb’s Farm

Established as a coffee farm in the late 1920s, Gibb’s Farm was one of the first guesthouses in Northern Tanzania. Now, the lovely old building still retains its colonial feel with beautiful gardens to stroll through. Finally, feast on organic produce straight from the lodge’s farm, explore centuries-old waterfalls and elephant caves or take a mountain bike day trip to Rotia, spotting wildlife along the way.

3. Faru Faru Lodge

Yet another incredible lodge on Singita’s private reserve, Faru Faru is an easy-going lodge in the heart of the Serengeti. A natural watering hole attracts predators and prey right up to the lodge, so you don’t even have to leave the camp. In addition to two swimming pools, a fire pit under the stars for evening chats and classic rooms with comfy beds are also available.

4. Sasakwa Lodge

From infinity swimming pools that appear to float out over the plain, to guided equestrian tours and balloon safaris, Singita Sasakwa Lodge is an Edwardian manor house with nine private cottages and a villa, each with a private infinity pool. The butler-serviced suite includes its own game vehicle, Field Guide, “bar-deli” and exclusive in-room dining. What more could you possibly need?

5. Sabora Tented Camp

In conclusion, this intimate 1920s-style explorer’s camp is full of old-world charm yet has all the modern touches you expect from a five-star lodge. The nine lavish tents are air-conditioned and feature a spacious bedroom with reading area, bathroom with bath and outdoor shower, viewing deck with a Swarovski spotting scope, and a library lounge tent lined with antique and rare volumes of African literature.

Family means everything and the weekends are the most important time to leave the work aside and collect memories with them. Isn’t it quite boring to go to the same park to play, eat at the same restaurant and kill time at the same shopping mall? Are you aware of how much you could do in these 2 days? 

No more wasted weekends! We brought together a lot of ideas for you on how to spend a great weekend with your family! Don’t wait too long to try these fun-filled plans for children, teenagers, adults or people of any age. It is just one click away to pick all these amazing moments with your family.


Dream of a weekend where your children could enhance creativity, increase their interest in nature and wildlife and collect amazing memories. Fresh air and a great nature away from technology… Even though camping looks tiresome to many people, your only need will be grocery shopping thanks to the camping sites located all around Kenya. As these camping sites already offer tents, partial electricity, beds, and tables, you do not need to focus anything else than discovering the wildlife with your family. On top of that, most of these camping sites provide equipment for barbecue. We listed the family-friendly camping sites in Kenya for you below. You can check detailed information about these camping sites in this article.


The Indian Ocean coast of Kenya is mostly hot and humid throughout the year. As the weather temperature is between 27-35 °C, it is possible to have an ocean holiday at any time except during the rainy season. What are you waiting for to start planning a nice holiday with your beloved ones by picking the right time?

Choose your best bay, check the plane tickets and fill this weekend with the best memories of 2018! We listed the alternative bays for you. You can check the detailed information about the best beaches in Kenya in our article here.


Kenya cuisine is full of wonderful tastes. It is now possible to find restaurants of all tastes all around Kenya in all cities. But what about tasting mbaazi za nazi in Mombasa, mursik in Eldoret and Tilapia in Kisumu cooked by the local chefs while breathing the air of that city? Many cities are waiting for you and your family to taste the local tastes with their own stories. Hit the road this weekend to learn the recipes of Garissa, inspired by a lot of cuisines, the story of Iskudheh Karis, and the original taste of mutura!


Hiking is among one of our recommendations as an alternative weekend plan for both a healthy life and to escape your routine. Spend your weekend full of sport choosing one of the hiking routes or famous routes around the city you stay with your family! Choose your goal, either a mountain or a waterfall, take your sports shoes, camping equipment, and a camera. Now let’s go!

If you do not have any experience of hiking before with your family, we would suggest you choose an easy route to start with.